Kemetic Beliefs Different from the Abrahamic Faiths - An Introduction

Paul A. Silva, L. M. Dumizulu


The interview’s cardinal position is that African Kemeticism is the forbear that has laid the mystical foundations for world religions that exist, today. Wherefore, it introduces readers to the concept of the African Divine Deities and ankhcestors, as deities different from the divine deities within the mysticism of African Kemeticism.

It also establishes the paradigm of the Ba and the Ntu in relation to the Spirit, Soul and Body of an individual and her/his ability, capacity to live harmoniously within society, and consciously evolve in connection to outer and other worlds and consciousness. The Neterus are stated as the forces that empower individuals to apply the knowledge of Ma’ati or equilibrium to the balance of one’s BA in relation to one’s karmic debt.


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