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10th Elearning Update Conference, Emperors Palace, Gauteng, 5-7 September

Elearning Update Conference. "Regstrations now open at https://sites.google.com/site/elearningatbase/home for the 10th Elearning Update Conference, Emperors Palace, Gauteng, 5-7 September"  
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Evaluating The Attitudes Of The Public Towards Sharks 


This study is a collaborative project involving the Department of Biology of the University of Padova (Italy), iSea (Greece), MER (Cyprus), OGS (National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics, Italy), CHAM - Portuguese Center for Global History, FCSH/NOVA University (Portugal), ÇOMÜ (Turkey) ICM (Spain), NIWA (New Zealand), Planeta Océano (Peru) and BALYENA (Philippines and Japan).

The aim of the present study is to assess the attitude of the public towards sharks and investigate differences between regions and countries. The online questionnaire, completely anonymous, is composed by three parts. The first part is constituted by some demographic and general information of the responders. The second part includes 13 statements used to measure the attitude of the responder towards sharks. The 13 statements used are based on the classic study of S.J. Kellert (1996), in which he describes the attitudinal dimensions towards wildlife. The third part aims at evaluating the knowledge of the responder towards sharks, and will be used to analyse how knowledge can affect the attitude. The questionnaire will be translated in different languages with the goal to collect as many answers as possible from all over the world, from people of different educational levels, different ages (10-60+) and different backgrounds.

Results will be made available here. For further information: info@tshark.org

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