Mysticism in Subliminal Advertising

Yalcın Kırdar


The study evaluates the meaning of mysticism and its connection to the conscious mind, the unconscious mind, and the subconscious as well as the use of archetypes in advertising to influence people by impacting their subconscious mind. More specifically, the article investigates the myths, mysticism, symbols, codes, metaphors, and hidden persuaders that are used in advertising raising the possibility that there could be an unethical aspect to advertising since consumers and customers may be unaware of its manipulative use of archetypes, codes, hidden writings and hypnotic sound effect. The main reason for the use of such methods and techniques in advertisements is to create a strong will to buy the product advertised without any explicit reasons for doing so. The spate of research on how these hypnotic messages have become a means that is of great use in a wide range of disciplines such as political communication, marketing, promotion and advertising has made it necessary for this article to address the ways subliminal advertising techniques are explored in real advertisements.


Mysticism, Consciousness, Subliminal Advertising, Myth, Archetypes.

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