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Prof. Dr. Gregory J. Keyes, PhD, MSc, JP, MRVAHJ GUEST EDITOR ISSUE 1 VOLUME 14, 2024


Introducing Professor Dr. Gregory J. Keyes, PhD, MSc, JP, MRVAHJ, esteemed guest editor for Issue 1, 2024 of the Journal Academic Marketing Mysticism Online.

Born in Warragul, Victoria, Australia on December 26, 1952, Dr. Keyes boasts an impressive array of awards and achievements spanning his illustrious career.

Notably, he was bestowed with the title of Distinguished Intellectual Contribution at the 2010 World Forum in Cambridge, England. Furthermore, his exemplary service in the Victoria Police

earned him The Australian Star, a prestigious honour recognizing his contributions to public speaking and police-public relations.

Dr. Keyes' journey into academia is a story of resilience and dedication. Despite leaving school at 15, he rose through the ranks from Victoria Rail Station Assistant to serving in the Australian

Army Medical Corps and later joining the Victoria Police. Throughout his tenure, he spearheaded innovative concepts and courses aimed at enhancing various vocations globally,

garnering recognition through numerous awards and accolades.

As our guest editor, Professor Gregory J. Keyes brings a wealth of expertise and experience, promising invaluable insights and perspectives to our publication.

Noteworthy Achievements:

Distinguished Intellectual Contribution at the 2010 World Forum, Cambridge, England

The Australian Star for exemplary service in Victoria Police

Cultural Attaché of Australia for World Forum 2011

Educational Background: Doctor of Philosophy in Business and Leadership Studies

(Thesis: 'Star of Communication Stratagem') Doctor of Philosophy in Theatrical Studies (Thesis: 'Total Audience Reality Methodologies')

Professional Experience: Victoria Police Service Award: National Police Medal 2017

Chairman & Speaker at various Symposiums, World Forum 2010 and 2012, Cambridge and Oxford Universities. Counter Terrorist First Response Officer, Australian Protective Service, Australian

Federal Police.

Affiliations: Member, Justice of the Peace Association of Victoria, Australia

Director Producer, Guild of Australia, Actors Equity

We are honoured to welcome Professor Gregory J. Keyes as our guest editor, anticipating the wealth of knowledge and expertise he will bring to our publication. 

Posted: 2024-05-04

VIDEO: DOĞUŞ UNIVERSITY DIDE 2023 EL&L CONFERENCE “Loneliness and Isolation in Literature”


The DIDE 2023 - 1st International Conference on English Language and Literature. The conference, with the theme

“Loneliness and Isolation in Literature,” was held at Doğuş University from 7-9 July, 2023.  

Please watch the zoom videos below:
7 July - Session 1 and 2
8 July - Session 1 and 2
9 July - Session 1
Posted: 2023-07-14
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Vol 14, No 50 (2024): 'You Can't Get Lost in Cape Town' by Zoë Wicomb: Decoding Democratic Discourse: Examining Authority and Gender...

This essay explores the complex literary analysis of Zoë Wicomb's widely read book "You Can't Get Lost in Cape Town,” paying particular attention to how the story undermines authority and gender norms. Employing a qualitative approach founded in literary criticism, the study dives into the intricate layers of Wicomb's work, giving light on the character dynamics, socio-political circumstances, and power structures woven into the fabric of the tale.

Table of Contents

'You Can't Get Lost in Cape Town' by Zoë Wicomb: Decoding Democratic Discourse: Examining Authority and Gender Perspectives 'You Can't Get Lost in Cape Town
Claude Feral 775-788

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