Lord Krishna Recognized by Scholars Long Time Ago

Horacio Francisco Arganis-Juárez


This study re-evaluated available evidence of the historicity of Lord Krishna from the History of Hindu Culture and Cosmo-vision through literary and comparative analysis methods involving textual, archaeological, and technological proofs of recent decades. The work is significant in that it pieces together convincing evidential-based positions that make it unnecessary to over argue against or for Lord Krishna as a real historical personage thereby advancing a new position of a given beyond any debate because of the volumes of interdisciplinary evidence now available and which have become a game changer for those western and modernistic Hindus Indologists who had tried to cast the reality of Lord Krishna as a popular deity. Western scholars and even some Eastern scholars previously influenced by Oriental outdated myth postulation of the West have had to accept that their attempt was erroneous and flew in the face of factual, tangible and spiritual realities. It is on this basis that the paper seeks to deconstruct Benjamin Preciado Solis approach in his work titled: The First Historical Evidences of Krishna.


Indology; Vedic History and Sanskrit Literature; Mahabharata War; Borrowing Theory; Astronomy and Planetarium Computer Software

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