: Princess Fumi Hancock: New Novel “Of Sentimental Value”

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Movie-making Bestselling Author Princess Fumi Hancock Hits The Top With Her New Novel “Of Sentimental Value”
Acclaimed author, Fumi Hancock, chalks up number one with her successful novel “Of Sentimental Value” just in time for the Black Friday boom.

African-born author, Princess Fumi Hancock, scored a number one smash hit with American readers today with her novel “Of Sentimental Value.” Princess Fumi has already seen the successful release of the movie adaptation of the book and has been picking up awards throughout the second half of the year.

“Of Sentimental Value” tells the tale of a young African immigrant’s dream of becoming the next bestselling writer in America. Although the dream is quickly eroding and the immigrant is buried in debt and facing eviction and a life on the streets, Siberia’s life is turned upside down when she is forced to retrieve a family artifact that she had unknowingly sold at a pawn shop.

Reviewers have been hailing Princess Fumi’s writing as “cultural,” “romantic” and “fun,” and readers have been picking up the book in strong quantities—but this month has seen a sharp upturn in sales as the book has caught on with readers around the world.

“Of Sentimental Value” is currently available on Amazon as both a paperback and as a Kindle download.

ISSN: 2146-3328