We would like to train the future leaders of our world under the leadership of our teachers through scientific
approaches, quality tools and ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) projects. While we are
doing this, we would like to include the ‘student-teachers’ to the projects in addition to working and retired
Our Goal is; to train total quality persons through project management which are conducted by teams/circles.
Through "ICT seagulls Projects", participants will:
 enhance awareness of environmental protection,
 understand the difference between different cultures, and gain tolerance,
 interpret history well and get lesson from the past,
 grasp the spirit of the team,
 know the tools and methods of quality,
 use technology and the Internet effectively,
 move from theory into practice,
 use their creativity,
 manage their time in the most effective way,
 create and enhance its portfolio,
 learn and apply ethical rules,
 be aware of the importance of communication,
 learn advanced problem-solving skills.
The students’/teachers’ quality circles (SQCs/TQCs) will be the main methodology of the projects and they will
be renamed as “İmece Circles” within the Turkish Culture.
"ICT Seagulls "; will be formed under the dynamic leadership of two project teachers along with 5-10 students.
The role of teachers is facilitating. Parents might be included in as well.
“Leading Seagulls" project is for teachers on duty, retired teachers and teacher-candidates in accordance with
their knowledge and authority to their dream project aims to provide the ability to perform. Thus, participant
teachers, in advance, will have to plan their own dream projects with stakeholder groups. They will mainly use
video films, websites or Blogs.
The supporting bodies of the projects are: “The World Council for Total Quality & Excellence in Education
(WCTQEE)”, “City Montessori School (CMS), Lucknow, India”, QUEST-Nepal, NYDT-South Africa, Tria Bilişim,
Doğan Reklamcılık.
Do you want to be with us in this collaborative project?Target Audience: The project is open to all students from Kindergarten to graduate classes. Our work will start
at national level but then will move to international platforms.
STUDENT- focused “ICT Seagulls” Project;
1. Pre-school classes
2. Elementary School,
3. Middle School,
4. High school,
5. Graduate classes, and
6. Disability teams
TEACHER-focused “LEADING Seagulls” Project;
1. The teachers working in state or private schools,
2. Retired teachers,
3. Student-teachers (Faculty of education students),
4. Parents, Non-governmental Organizations or business leaders.
In Summary; there will be a total of TEN different target groups and evaluation categories.
Why Such A Project?
 This is a very successful project, lasting for 12 years. So far, through 300 national and international
projects conducted in Turkey, India, USA, UK, Nepal and South Africa, more than 3,000 teachers and
students participated in the project, and they are used to saying they have learned and enjoyed a lot.
 World Council supports it, due to its aim and scope. 2002 UNESCO Peace Education Awarded City
Montessori School (CMS), Lucknow, India hosts the Awards Ceremony of it every two year during the
ICSQCCs. We are thankful to Dr. Jagdish Gandhi and Dr. Vineeta Kamran for that wonderful support
and hospitality.
 It upgrades the quality of educational system with its "multiple-intelligence-based, peace-oriented,
innovative and creative work format” by directing the students to problem-solving steps rather than
memorization. Scientific research method, quality tools and statistics are the needed
ingredients. Students indulge in the best practices of collaborative studies through İMECE.
 E-Government and e-learning are most frequently spoken issues today. In order to keep up with global
change; it is essential to easy access information and to share their "project products" with the world.
This project assists them.
 "Sensitivity "is a very important feature like empathy. We act with the slogan of great leaders
Atatürk: "Peace at home, peace in the world". We need to learn and to teach sensitivity and
understanding to cultural differences.
 Environmental issues are very important. We have one planet to live on and we must save it. In the
future, instead of living like reptiles, we will prefer creating seagulls flying over blue waves at the top of
the clear sky. Furthermore, sustainable development is a must for a healthy future world.
Project Topics:
"ICT seagulls" and "Leading Seagulls” Projects cover various problem areas. The important thing is the
future and dealing with the problem in which students and teachers are interested in mostly. The project
topics might cover any problem concerning the following issues:
o Sustainable Development
o Leadership
o Environmental literacy and sensitivity
o The values of cultural and intercultural awareness
o Protecting your rights and nonviolent livingo Rights of the Disabled people
o Empowering the Disabled people
o Social responsibility & social entrepreneurship
o Moral Values
o What should be done to be/train happy and successful future citizens?
The project area and topic is determined by the participants. The PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) Mindset will be
followed and below listed steps will be taken:
1. Research (Literature Reviewing) and planning,
2. Data collection for the implementation,
3. Analyzing the collected data,
4. Suggestions and conclusion to solve the problem.
It must be kept in mind that;
 The ethics of scientific research and project studies is essential.
 At every step, the use of technology and quality tools is a must.
 The process and the outcomes should be shared via social media and the Internet to inform the
Project Steps and the Calendar of the year 2015:
1. The Award Ceremony of last year will be held on 17th October, 2014 at Boğaziçi University. The Year
2015 Registration period of the Projects will start on the 1st of October, 2014 and will last until the New
Year for Turkish teams. In order to register, the “network Partnership Form” and the “Project
Participation Form” will be filled in and sent to Dr. Hayal Köksal who is the general coordinator of the
Projects. The Form will be signed by the School Director, participating teacher(s) and Dr. Köksal.
2. After the registration, participants get 3 Training PPTs to learn more about the steps of the projects. If
the participants can arrange, they can invite Dr. Köksal to their schools for the training and counselling.
The project method is "İmece Circles”. Visiting the web pages of the previous years’ projects is highly
3. During the preparation of the projects, Skype conferences will be used for all kinds of counseling and
guidance. A continuous and regular communication is needed for a successful project
management. This is also an important criterion in the evaluation! My address is: Hayal.Köksal1
4. Prepared projects on CD and a web page/Blog address will be sent to Dr. Köksal on 5th June 2015.
5. Announcement of the results of peer- and jury-evaluation will take place until the mid-days of July.
7. National Awards ceremony will be held in Turkey. The international Award ceremony will be held on
December 15, 2015, in City Montessori School, Lucknow, India during the "18. International
Convention on Students’ Quality Circles”. Those who would like to attend that Convention and the
Award Ceremony in India should afford their own expenses.
You are invited to join those innovative projects.
We believe that we stand together!

Dr. Hayal KÖKSAL
Project Designer &
General Coordinato

ISSN: 2146-3328