It is with great pleasure that we invite you to the ISLPR Global Conference on TESOL to be held in Ankara, Turkey on 11 – 12 August 2014.

The Topic is ”Developing and Measuring Real Language".

We welcome papers which address one of the sub-themes:

Improving reading/writing
TESOL assessment and the feedback cycle
Teacher assessment and data management
Educational simulation and language games
Motivating EFL students
Multimedia and distance language pedagogy
Strategies for integrating the macro skills
Globalising TESOL and setting up a virtual learning environment
Networked resources and language pedagogy
Proficiency, Culture and Attitudes
Goals and their assessment
Critical Issues in Teaching and Testing Real Language
Developing and Measuring Real Language
Teaching and Testing Real Language
Needs Analysis
Program Evaluation Research: Planning, Implementation and Evaluation
Facilitating TESOL students' speaking opportunities
Tablet PC and Smart Phone-based language pedagogy
Using CLOUD technology
Developing intercultural literacy
Facilitating TESOL students' speaking opportunities
Deepening language learning through multimedia pedagogy
Improving listening and speaking
Culture and language pedagogy
Teachers: Teaching and Testing; Policy, Methods and Assessment Fostering Professional Self-Development

All papers should be submitted to


We have limited places. Please register to reserve your place.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Ankara, Turkey in August.

Warm regards,

Dr. Ali Maleki

On behalf of Organizing Committee

ISLPR Global

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